Who are you?

Jessica Loving-Campos. I am a visual artist (Jessica Loving) co-founder and CCO of (in)spiregraphics and co-founder of artboss.

What do you do?

I juggle. A lot. Everything I do comes from a place of deep passion and love. I am the co-founder of a 11-year-old bustling creative studio based here in Denver. My husband and I started our studio the year we got married — and in true startup fashion, instead of taking a honeymoon, we poured all of our funds into it. We specialize in branding, web development, copywriting and design. I am the painter of large, mixed media paintings that serve as meditations — they most often focus on the expansive night sky, the abyssal deep sea and large scale natural disasters. I am the co-founder of artboss, which seeks to ignite successful business and marketing practices in creatives so they can better connect with their passions. And I am the mother of a spirited 2-year-old girl who sets my world alight.

What’s a typical day in the life of you look like? How do you organize your day?

In the morning, it starts earlier than I typically would wish for (but I’ve discovered that there is something quite beautiful about starting a day with a color-streaked sunrise). My husband and I run to get our daughter ready for daycare — making breakfast, getting dressed and moving as quick as we can to get out the door. Once home again, we walk down to our studio and start our computers — with a frothy latte in hand, of course. Jumping into emails, phone calls, projects and meetings, our day moves at a really fast pace. Many clients are outside of Colorado — some are outside of the U.S. We both manage different projects and accounts, but come together to collaborate on the really big stuff. It’s all incredibly fun, meaningful, fast-paced and OURS. Often, we take a lunch time yoga class to reconnect with our bodies, breath and each other. I weave in time in my art studio (which is also at home) — taking painting breaks throughout the afternoon. Crafting content for artboss is part of my day, too.

Evenings consist of making dinner, playing with our daughter, reading books, drawing and enjoying each other’s company. Taking our Siberian Huskies for a walk through the neighborhood, too. After our daughter goes to bed, I go into the studio to paint, create blog and social media content, as well as work on artboss content. At the very end of the day, my husband and I snuggle and catch up on Game of Thrones, or another one of our favorite shows.

What are some of your struggles?

Juggling it all. Often, I feel like I am scrambling to get everything done. I also struggle with the ongoing marketing efforts while our business is busy. It can be really difficult to think ahead and not have a myopic perspective when you’re really busy with a ton of deadlines.

What are some of your goals?

To worry less and be more present. Being an entrepreneur carries a ton of responsibility yet such phenomenal autonomy. Finding an elegant amount of equilibrium in the otherwise very fluid and interesting lifestyle that I’ve chosen is my ideal. My hope and goal is to trust a little more and fret a little less. That, and aggressively grow all three businesses!

What do you do to relax and wind down?

Practicing yoga and getting outside. They both center me and serve as my sanctuary. Being with my family and friends. Wandering around a gallery or museum. Exploring the vast outdoors. These are all a few of my favorite things.

If you could give your 18-year old self advice, what would you say?

Put in your 10,000 hours. Realize that all goals take a whole lot of time, energy, mistakes (growth opportunities). Even if it feels like you’re getting absolutely nowhere… as long as you show up and do the work, you’ll start seeing movement. Participate in all of the experiences you possibly can. Engage. I would remind her that one can make it in this world as an artist and creative. To keep on keeping on. Push in new directions. And try not to worry so much along the way because this whole adventure — well, it’s pretty amazing.