Who are you?

I’m Robyn Thayer, a professional artist, a creative powerhouse, and a dedicated mother.

What do you do?

Painting my heart out, I use vivid colors and incredible texture to express my moods and feelings, building inner landscapes, made visible, as if peering through a window into the soul of things. Welcoming the sweet surprise of the unexpected through the complex layering in my process, I glimpse a truth that fulfills me, commands me, and gives me purpose.

What’s a typical day in the life of you look like? How do you organize your day?

I spend an hour early in the morning centering myself, using drawing, stretching, meditating, and writing to attune myself to my True Self. I find that everything else is dependent upon this essential act.

I organize by week, selecting a day for each major task. Typically Mondays (Day 1) I save for my big rocks — usually marketing or Finance. (Day 2) Following a big rock, I reward myself with blocking out a chunk of day (or night) for painting. The next day (Day 3) I will Rest which may look like hiking or painting or visiting a museum or hanging with art friends talking shop — the only requirement is to ditch my to-do list (which nourishes my rebel side). Day 4 is typically a general Business day, inventory, prepping canvas, email, social media, working with my photographer… Day 5, I finish up any leftover work, touch up or add another layer to paintings.

Of course, because I am an incessant painter, I throw in random paint sessions, late at night and another early in the morning, every week. I have a loft in my studio which enables me to sleep with my creativity, which I do two nights a week, basking in these rushes (or valleys) of creative inspiration. Too rigid of a schedule stifles me. Keeping clear boundaries between the business aspect and my actual painting time allows my mind to stay in Left brain or Right brain for lengthy, uninterrupted, utterly productive periods of time.

What are some of your struggles?

Staying with my vision through the inevitably quiet in-betweens, when it appears nothing is happening. This can be with a painting — in its muddy middle, or awaiting the closing of a deal, waiting for paint to dry(!), waiting, waiting, waiting. And I wouldn’t be honest if I dismissed the disappointment I feel when I get a “not-invited” notification. Lastly, my inner creative doesn’t love the attention that motherhood demands of me. When I go without exercising, my creativity, she rears up in ugly, painful, and cranky ways in my family and personal life.

What are some of your goals?

Currently I am seeking excellent gallery representation. A weekly cleaning and organization of my studio by a helper. Organizing and curating children’s art exhibits alongside established fine artists. Licensure of my greeting card line and fine art images. An Investment club for kids.

What do you do to relax and wind down?

I breathe. I count to 6 in, 6 out. I lay on the earth. Meditate. Talk on the phone on long walks. Read. Hand stitch. Sit with friends.

If you could give your 18-year old self advice, what would you say?

Come to me, let’s sit awhile. Tell me your stories, tell me everything and take your time. You, darling, are worth my while.

Learn more about Robyn Thayer and see her playful and vibrant work: www.robynthayer.com