If you felt educated and empowered, and could remove your fears, where could your creative business go?

Beyond the work you create and the services you provide, there’s a lot to do and learn in a creative career: social media, branding, networking, communication, money matters and more.

artboss emerged as an answer to all these questions: to share our years of experience with those at a crossroads in their careers, whether starting out or in need of new skills. Because we have been there, looking at our careers, trying to figure out the next steps. And we have taken those next steps, one foot in front of the other, as we walk the creative path.

The core of our Creativepreneur Intensive focuses on messaging, communication and branding. What sets us apart from other “artist entrepreneurship” programs is that we can teach you how to communicate what makes you unique and special in a crowded marketplace, and plug that into everything you do, from social media, to your website, to how you connect with the tastemakers in your field and your clients. And we also give you guidance and skills within social media, web presence, branding and networking, so you know what to do to get that message about your amazing work out there, into the world, in front of the people who want and need it.

We need creative people in our culture and our society. We need beautiful, ground-breaking art, effortless design, inspiring music and compelling dance. The world needs what you do. The key is sharing its importance.

It all boils down to messaging and knowing who you are and what makes you stand out as a creative. You aren’t just a painter, or a 3D game designer, or a jazz musician. There is something special about what you do that no one else does. If you can communicate that uniqueness, you can set yourself apart, and get ahead.

If you are emerging or established, the time often comes to build new skills and branch out. It can be scary to invest in yourself with time and money. We understand; again, we’ve been there! But every time we invested in our businesses and ourselves, it has paid us back. We want to invest our time in you, and your business, and build an on-going relationship with you.

Past participants in our workshops have gone on to gain gallery representation, start exciting jobs in their field, expand their client base, and make meaningful connections. We have continued our relationships with them, mentoring and cheering them on with each achievement. We are building a community and a tribe, and want you to be part of it.

Join us this May for the Creativepreneur Intensive. We cannot wait to work with you! Click here for details and to register.